I am Calm

This bracelet is made out of a combination of Lava beads, Snowflake Obsidian, Black Obsidian, Howlite and White Tridacna Shell.

These stones together offer you calming and protective energy by removing blockages within yourself and allowing you to work through negativity. Being stable and grounding this bracelet is a great tool to help reign in scattered energies. Bring forward your self confidence and reflect on yourself. Use this bracelet to help you to see the parts of yourself that you may shy away from.


Trying to figure out what size bracelet you should get?
SUPER easy!
1)Just take a piece of cord or string and wrap it around your wrist.
2)Place the string up to a ruler and measure!
3)Add 1/2" to the length to make sure that it fits comfortably for you!!
(Our average size is a 7'inch length)

All of our bracelets are made with a strong stretch cord and beads vary in size from 6mm beads to 10mm in size.
I create each bracelet with intention and soul. Each one is cleansed before it is shipped to you!
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